Four Areas of Ministry at Nativity 
At Nativity Lutheran Church we intentionally work to give ourselves as Christ’s servants: Participating in His mission in the world, helping those who need our help, both in our church family and in the world beyond; recognizing that there can never really be any peace or joy for us until there is peace and joy for others. To accomplish this work we organize our ministry teams into four areas, shepherded by a Ministry Area Leader (MAL).
Spiritual Life ministry area includes groups and teams that work toward building our commitment
toward a spiritual basis for interacting with others. 
Community Life ministry area is comprised of groups and teams that assist with
physical, financial and social aspects of Nativity Lutheran church.
Christian Education ministry area is made up of teams and groups that
work to develop knowledge and understanding of God’s word and teachings.
Outreach ministry area includes groups and teams that promote our mission to
carry God’s light and love to the world.
Each Ministry Area Leader (MAL) works to facilitate and coordinate ministries within their group, with other ministry areas and the church council.  To learn more about our Ministry Area Leaders, please click here.
Click on the pictures below to learn more about the various ministries at Nativity Lutheran Church.
Spiritual Life
Community Life
Christian Education